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The Gesture - Funny Car Light

Rated Highly by 2000+ Drivers

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  • Express yourself with a click of a button.

  • Enhance your driving experience.

  • Perfect gift for family and friends.

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Man Hand
Man Hand
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Designed to fit seamlessly onto your rearview windshield, our panel sign adds a touch of humor and positivity to your driving experience, all while promoting safe and courteous interactions with fellow drivers!


Trusted by thousands of drivers with five star reviews ⭐, the Emote Express LED panel sign is the perfect gift for anyone regardless of their driving experience.

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3. Bring humor to the road.

Lighten up your fellow drivers' day with our best selling Emote Express LED panel sign.

A gift that makes everyone smile.

Whether you're a parent teaching your teenager to drive, an experienced driver looking to humor their day, or even a new driver, Emote Express is the perfect gift for everyone.

Instantly transform your driving experience with one click of a button.

🤘 Salute

Want to spread humor and positivity on the road? Show your appreciation and respect towards your fellow drivers.

✋ Neutral Hand

Communicate to fellow drivers that you're driving responsibly or remind them to maintain a safe following distance.

🖕 Flip the Bird

Use it wisely!

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Easily transform driving into a fun, effortless experience

💡 Visible Day & Night

The Emote Express consists of 175 LED light beads, making it bright enough to be seen during any time of the day. This ensures that other drivers can see your intentions from a mile away!

⚡ Long-Lasting Power

The Emote Express runs on standard AA batteries for the light and an A23 12V battery for the remote. This provides up to seven months of continuous usage. If the light starts to dim, please replace the batteries.

🚗 Lightweight, compact, and flexible

Say goodbye to tedious and complicated setups. The Emote Express Panel Sign is portable and simple to install.

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